“I am so impressed that we are ending on time and we are eager to move into our beautiful new space! Hard to believe that we’ll be wrapped up by tomorrow. You three have all been wonderful to work and communicate with. As a woman, I have especially appreciated how I never felt talked down to by any of you, even if you were explaining something that may have seemed obvious. I can’t tell you how important that was to me throughout this process, because it certainly has not been the norm in my experience as I’ve waded through all the steps of making this addition happen. Trusting and feeling respected by you guys erased so much potential stress and anxiety on my part, and I appreciate you all for it so much!”
~ Anne K., Matthews Beach, Seattle

“The little things matter – a lot! And they carefully managed the big things, like the actual framing and building, managing the subs, working well with our (technical, demanding) architect, making sure we had enough information to make informed decision as issues came up (and they always come up!). Throughout the process, with its inevitable ups and downs, Raincap’s owner, Chris Peterson, was a rock. We trusted him implicitly to do the right thing. When mistakes happened – ours, Raincap’s, or a sub’s – I could escalate to Chris and he would make it better. We probably have one more major house remodel to go in this house. When we’re ready, I’ll just call Chris and ask to get on Raincap’s schedule – I don’t need to talk to other GCs. I know Raincap will do excellent work at a fair price – I know they will take great care of us. And I’ll look forward to the process of the project – I’ll look forward to getting to work with them again. As perhaps you can tell, I highly, highly recommend Raincap!”
~Kathryn S., Mt. Baker neighborhood, Seattle

“Chris has been a joy to work with! I selected him as my contractor on the strength of several recommendations from friends. His breadth of experience and knowledge has been a great asset. He has built a team of first-rate resources to draw from, not only his subs, but he has also recommended design professionals; architects and engineers, who have proven invaluable to the process. He is very organized, responsive, and affable. I plan on recommending him to any of my friends who have a need for a general contractor.”
~ Beverly S., Magnolia, Seattle

“I look forward to working with Chris. Every experience I have had with him has been very professional, and at the same time very pleasant. He brings with him a level of competence that exudes confidence. When I deal with Chris, I can be sure that our customers are receiving the best service possible. As a sub-contractor, this attitude allows me to focus on doing the best work I can, knowing that our clients are being well-cared for. The quality of work I have seen at his job sites is on par with the best I have ever seen. Chris makes certain that everything is spelled out clearly and concisely: The clients know exactly what they are getting, and I know precisely what is expected of me. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Chris to any of my friends or family.”
~ Richard Van Ausdal, Owner, Moonwood Enterprises (Cabinets and Woodworking)

“Raincap did two remodels for us, about three years apart. The first (smaller job) was to finish the basement and the second (larger job) was a complete remodel of the upper floor, including the addition of a shed-dormer, and a new kitchen.  We were impressed with Raincap’s performance on both projects. For the basement remodel we had one or two discoveries that added a little to the overall scope, but nevertheless Raincap was able to maintain our tight deadline for completion. It was ready the day we needed it to be! The remodel looks great and working with Chris throughout was easy and fun.”
~ Steve C., Ballard, Seattle

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