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Foundation For a Successful Project

Transparent Process

At Raincap Construction + Electric, we pride ourselves on having a thoughtful, transparent, and customer-focused process. Our mission is to ensure our clients feel informed and involved every step of the way – with no surprises regarding budget, scope, or timeline. We achieve this by providing the most thorough estimates possible, breaking down the pricing at a line item level to ensure complete transparency.

We also utilize a seamless management software, co-construct, allowing you to track your project, communicate with our team, and access any documents or necessary information. Providing our clients with full access to this type of information is the key to building trustworthy, long-lasting partnerships.

Trust The Process

How It Works


Initial Site Visit

To get started, simply reach out to us to set up an initial on-site meeting. This is when our team will get to know your goals, ideas, and vision for the project.


Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

We ask each client to complete a pre-meeting questionnaire that covers key information such as budget, timeline, and project expectations.


Preliminary Construction Estimate

After your site visit and pre-meeting form, we’ll assemble a preliminary construction estimate with a detailed breakdown of costs. Rest assured that each cost will be broken down into an individual line item so you have a crystal-clear understanding of the different elements of the project’s estimated cost.


Pre-Deployment Phase

If you approve the preliminary construction estimate, your project will then move into the pre-deployment phase. During this phase, our team will contact our vetted subcontractors and suppliers to drill down labor and materials costs and scheduling.


Project Kickoff

Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for! We’ll provide you with your detailed project schedule and set a kickoff date to get started on the work. You can expect status updates from our team at every step of the way and can even communicate and ask questions through our construction management software, CoConstruct.

Start Your Home Remodel in Seattle Today

Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or architect, you can trust Raincap Construction + Electric for all your remodeling and electrical needs. Get started today!