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Elevate Your Seattle Property with Premier Exterior Lighting and Electrical Solutions

Ready to enhance your outdoor spaces? Look no further than Raincap Construction + Electric. Whether you’re seeking wired video doorbells to bolster security, sophisticated landscape lighting, expert hot tub wiring, outdoor motion-sensor-controlled lighting, switched holiday lighting outlets, or any other outdoor electrical need, our team has you covered with top-tier solutions. Contact us today to begin transforming your outdoor environment.

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Why Upgrade Your Outdoor Electrical System?

Your home’s exterior is just as important as its interior. The good news is that even a small upgrade like new landscape lighting or motion sensors can quickly take it to the next level and make your daily life more convenient. You don’t have to replace your siding or add on a deck or patio to show off your unique style and improve the look and feel of your home. If you’re unsure of what upgrades may be right for your particular property, we’ll be happy to make some recommendations.

Our Outdoor Electrical Services Include:

Landscape Services

Illuminate your front or backyard with beautiful landscape lighting, or hot tub wiring.

Wired Doorbells or Security Lighting

Investing in wired doorbells, security cameras and lighting can boost the value and safety of your property.

Electrical Outlets

Install or replace electrical outlets in your backyard to make using appliances or charging devices convenient.

Lighting/Holiday Outlets

Add outlets for festoon lighting, or perhaps some switched outlets to allow you to install holiday lighting that you can control from inside your home.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Home with Outdoor Electricity

Here’s a look at several of the benefits of adding outdoor lighting and electrical systems to your Seattle home:


Improved Functionality

Upgrading the exterior of your home can also make your home more functional. For example, if you rarely go outside at night because you’re worried about falling, outdoor lighting can be a game changer.

Increased Safety and Security

The safety of your home is just as important as its appearance and function. With an upgrade like a wired video doorbell, security camera and lighting, you can give yourself and your loved one some extra peace of mind.

Increased Home Value

Even simple exterior upgrades, like upgraded security features or modern landscape lighting, can increase the resale value of your property. This is a huge plus, regardless of if you’re in your forever home or plan to sell it down the road.

Contact Us Today To Add Outdoor Electricity To Your Seattle Home

There are countless benefits to adding an outdoor electricity system to your home. Contact us today at (206) 397-0016 or email us at for more information.