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Dormer Additions - The Solution to Seattle's Small Living Spaces

If you’re looking for a way to increase the usable space in your Seattle area home, remodeling your attic and adding a dormer might be a great option. A dormer is a vertical window on a sloping roof, going out beyond the pitched roof to add depth and dimension. It can transform a dark, stuffy space into a bright, spacious area. It can also add extra natural light and boost your home’s curb appeal.

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Benefits of Adding a Dormer to Your Attic

Taller Ceilings

Some old-fashioned attics are cramped, compartmentalized spaces with barely enough room to stand up in. Installing a dormer in your attic can help increase the height of the ceilings, making a previously cramped space more open and comfortable.

Enhanced Beauty

As long as they’re built by professionals, dormers can complement the architectural design in your home while adding beauty and curb appeal. Whether you live in a Colonial, Victorian, Craftsman, or any other type of home, a dormer is sure to take it to the next level.

Additional Usable Space

If you’re longing for some extra space in your Seattle home, a dormer is worth exploring. It can increase square footage, opening the possibilities of what you can do with the space. From bedrooms and lofts to offices and game rooms, the sky’s the limit.

More Natural Light

Research shows that natural light can do wonders for our moods. Since a dormer addition will likely involve a window, it may bring more happiness and cheer into your home.


Since attics are some of the least frequented rooms in the home, it’s no wonder that most are outdated. By remodeling and adding a dormer, you can significantly modernize the space, bringing it into the 21st century with up-to-date touches.

Transform Your Seattle Home with Beautiful Custom Dormer

Whether you’re a single professional, have a family, or are in the empty nest or retirement stage of life, a dormer addition can be a great way to make the most of your home. Our highly skilled, experienced team are experts in all phases of dormer construction. At the end of the day, our goal is to leave you with a dormer addition that optimizes the function and aesthetics of your home.

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Your Seattle Dormer Addition Options

There are a number of dormers we can construct, including:


Due to its simplicity, a gable dormer is the most popular type of dormer. It involves a pitched roof with two sloped panels supported by a vertical frame. Gable dormers add light, space, and symmetry to a home.


A shed dormer features a flat roof that slopes in one direction towards the front. It can be as wide as you’d like and provide additional headroom and floor space.


Often referred to as a hip roof dormer, a hipped dormer includes three sloped planes that rise from each side of the frame and come together in a peak. We can match a hipped dormer to the original design of your home.


An eyebrow dormer is a curved dormer that rises above the window, similar to an eyebrow. It can add an abundance of natural light to the upper story of your home.

Arched Roof

Sometimes called a segmental dormer, an arched roof dormer sits low on a roof and adds more light to a home. This type of dormer is widely seen in British cottage architecture.

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