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More room to grow, more space to thrive, more freedom to live the life you want.

If your current home feels cramped and you wish you had just a little more space, a home addition is an excellent solution. It can give you more square footage space so that you are able to create a new office, add a bedroom for your new baby, create a home gym or multi-use space, or build a suite for your friends and family to stay in; with a home addition, all these possibilities are within your reach. Best of all, it can help you stay in the Seattle area home you love and avoid the hassle of moving. Reach out to us today and let Raincap Construction build an addition that’s right for you!

Benefits of Home Additions

By investing in a home addition, you can obtain the additional space you desire and customize your home to meet your family’s ever changing needs.

Increased Property Value

More bedrooms, an extra bathroom, or a finished garage are all valuable assets that attract buyers and make your Seattle area home more desirable when you go to sell.

Avoid Relocating

Moving is a stressful and disruptive process that takes up time and energy. Instead, create the space you’re looking for right where you are by building an addition.

More Room

Simply put, a home addition provides you and your family with more room to live your life. This extra space will let you grow your family, host more people, modify your home to fit your lifestyle, or just allow for more privacy and comfort on a daily basis.

Discover the Different Types of Home Additions

No matter what type of addition you have in mind, Raincap Construction is here to design and build it! There are plenty of different options to consider that will allow you to achieve the space you need, such as:

Second Story Additions

Are you expecting a new family member? Does your job allow you to work from home and now need an office? Adding a new room to the second story of your home can optimize your current living situation and create more private spaces for you and your family to enjoy!

Bump Outs

Sometimes, you need a little more space to make things work. Rather than adding a new room to your home, a bump out gives you more square footage within an existing space. A more spacious closet, larger dining room, or a more luxurious kitchen are all within reach, with a bump out as a solution to your home expansion desires.

Bathroom Expansions

With a bathroom expansion, you can finally have a bathroom where you can move around comfortably and also have more space for rest and relaxation. Add a clawfoot tub, a larger shower, or even a clawfoot in your shower! Double sinks? The sky is the limit, and we can make it happen.

Kitchen Expansions

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a space for family to gather, parties to be hosted, and memories to be made. With a kitchen expansion, you can add the space you need to create more memories with your friends and family. An inviting breakfast nook or the expansive walk-in pantry you have always dreamed of are now within reach with a kitchen expansion.

Garage Conversions

Your garage space is not only for cars but can be a creative way to invent a new living space in your house. If you don’t find yourself using your garage as much as you want or if it has simply become a storage space for boxes, a garage conversion is a great option. You can finally be able to properly utilize the space and enjoy anything from a studio apartment to a wood/art shop or a home gym.


Our remodeling professionals can install a beautifully crafted dormer to increase the ceiling height and bring in an abundance of natural light to your attic or second floor space. With this added height, you can now transform this space into a kitchenette, an extra bathroom, a cozy reading nook, an intimate play area, or whatever else your family needs.

Why Choose Us As Your Home Addition Contractor

With many home addition contractors to choose from in the Seattle area, we have made the choice easier by consistently delivering quality craftsmanship, friendly service, and gorgeous new home building projects since 2007. By choosing Raincap, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

Years of Experience

Since 2007, our expert team has been transforming homeowners’ lives by building stunning home additions in the Seattle area. It is this tried and true experience that allows us to execute projects seamlessly and face challenges head-on if they arise.

Quality Craftsmanship

At Raincap, our experienced team is committed to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship to every project they touch. We take pride in our work and are proud to be one of the top home addition contractors in the Seattle area.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. Our team will work with you every step of the way, ensuring every detail of your home addition is exactly what you envisioned – no exceptions.

Ready to Start Your Home Addition Project?

If more space in your home is what you’re looking for, Raincap Construction is here to make that happen with a home addition. Contact us today at (206) 397-0016 or email us at to discuss your home addition options and get started building yours!